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The Main Rules

Sliding tackles are not allowed
Players are allowed in the box, keepers must stay in box
You can pass the ball back to the keeper providing it is not a return pass
When a goal is scored. The game begins with kick off from centre
Substitutes are roll on roll off
All free kicks are direct
Kick-ins instead of throw-ins
Players must be 5 yards from player taking the kick


The usual laws of football shall apply, except that:

Point System

3 points for a win

1 point for a draw

So goals can be recorded give your name or initials to the referee
In the event of a two or more teams having identical records (points and goal difference) the team who scored the most goals will finish higher
In the event of two or more players finishing level in the personal prizes, the player that set the top score first will finish higher

Your Referee

Should be respected at all times
We give him the authority to sin bin, send off and exclude any player or team at any time.
We will stand by the word and decisions of our referees.

Disciplinary Procedures

Ordinary Caution (Yellow card) Fine band 1
Ordinary Dismissal (2 Yellows) Fine band 2
Dismissal (Red Card) Fine band 3
Includes dangerous play, sarcasm and swearing at the official.
Serious Dismissal (Red Card) Fine Band 4
Includes persistent verbal abuse towards official, plus other serious incidents.
Dismissal & Exclusion (Red Card) Fine Band 5
Includes physical abuse towards official, plus other serious incidents.
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